Sports & Youth Developments

SAF-UK International is committed to connecting young Somalis to youth-friendly services (e.g., labor market information, and 21st century  skills), allowing them to be empowered and live a full and productive life.


In accordance with the national need of vocational training for economic development, our aim is to inform, educate and train youth in Somalia. We aim at facilitating a belief that skills training will offer youth the chance to secure jobs faster, to be self-reliant, establish their own business and in turn, commit to building a stronger Somalia, starting from youth who believe, who can, and who do. 

Through our projects and partnerships, we are addressing some of the current challenges within the Millennium Development Goals, e.g.:
– Eradicating Extreme Poverty
– Promote Gender Equality and empower women
– Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases