Who We Are



Skills Active Forward (SAF-UK) is an international non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care. Our core mandate includes responding to socio-economic youth development, poverty reduction, community development through provision of access to preventive and curative health care, relief, provision of accessibility to safe drinking water to both people and livestock, promotion of quality and accessible education, food security, human rights, re-auxiliary to the public authorities, both in UK, Somalia, Kenya, the Somalia Diaspora and the neighboring countries within the Horn of Africa.

SAF-UK International registered in the United Kingdom as a charitable organisation  and other states of Somalia including Puntland, Jubaland state and Galmudug state and in Kenya with the NGO Coordination Board under registration number (OP.218/051/2009/0359/5959).


Mission Stetement

SAF-UK is an international development and humanitarian organisation which respects rights and dignity of the community at large by working through grassroots mobilization and participation. It addresses primarily the needs of the disadvantaged and vulnerable people: the youth, children and women by providing them with advocacy and initiatives as well as social services, and essential tools to improve their livelihoods  

Our mission as is to excel as a humanitarian non-profit, nonpolitical and non-religious organization that provides emergency relief, rehabilitation, development assistance, and program services to vulnerable communities within the horn of Africa and Somalia, we are solely dedicated reducing human suffering through; 


  1. 1.Serve the needs of the most vulnerable-particularly women, children and victims of war and natural disasters and civil conflicts, and poor-with a specific focus on neglected groups. 


  1. 2.Provide holistic, multi-sectoral, sustainable, and programs that bridge emergency relief and long-term development at the grassroots level.  


  1. 3.Empower communities by building capacity and by maximizing local resources in both program design implementation. 


  1. 4.Promote self-reliance, peaceful coexistence, and reintegration of marginalized communities. 


  1. 5.Protect lives from physical injury or psychological trauma where present. 


  1. 6.Uphold the highest professional norms in program delivery, including accountability to beneficiaries and donors alike. 

Vision Statement

SAF-UK’s vision is to alleviate poverty through sustainable development. We aim to operate effectively to help the people of Horn of Africa so that their voices are heard, their rights are safeguarded, and their needs are addressed.  
We also aim to improve the livelihoods of disadvantaged and poor people within the horn of Africa, Somali Diaspora in Europe, and create environment that enables them to have access to quality and affordable health care, quality and clean drinking water for domestic and animal use, quality and affordable education, public services and able to live side by side without discrimination. 

Areas of Interventention

We are a participatory, functioning and survive delivering organization, which is committed participatory process in community development. 
We are in a good position to effectively participate in rural development planning in order to set the priorities of communities. The existing development plans and strategies by the various governments and other stakeholders guide us in executing our agenda. 
We endeavor to collaborate and involve respective government development bodies, communities’ leaders and other development actors in establishing and developing links with all actors and beneficiaries. 
We always recognize the existing policies and regulations of governments where we operate or intend to operate. 
We are strategically and constantly working to address refugee, humanitarian and development needs of various communities and regions. It is in this perspective that we are building strong relationship, network and association with the people of US, UK, rest of Europe and other well wishers sharing concern on the prevailing human suffering within the horn of Africa 


  1. To enhance, promote and empower the youth (male and female) through provision of essential skills and knowledge to attain self-reliance and sustainable livelihood. 
  2. To rehabilitate, reconstruct and develop the community’s skills for a long lasting and better future. 
  3. To create and promote opportunities equally men and women for sustainable, decent employment and productive.  
  4. To advance education by providing and assisting in the provision of training, career guidance, and facilities which would not be otherwise available. 
  5. To develop the capacity and skills of the members of socially and economically disadvantaged communities (including government members, local NGO’s, health professionals, farmers, environmental-group and private-sectors) in such a way that they are better able to identify, and help meet, their needs and to participate more fully in society.  
  6. To improve the livelihood of disadvantaged people through eradicating poverty and hunger and achieving sustainable development in all aspects of human life improvement. 
  7. To provide health care arrangements that will combat Africa’s most lethal ailments including HIV/AIDS and Malaria by working with healthcare providers and Global Fund in organizing practical long-term solutions. 
  8. To formulate the international policies and programmes to promote basic human rights, improve working and living conditions, and enhance employment opportunities. 
  9. To provide equally protection and humanitarian assistance to all IDPs. 
The association pursues these objectives primarily in the interest of East African Origins around the world.