Protecting Vulnerable Children Across Somalia

 Over the past decades,Somalia has experienced a severe humanitarian crisis caused by natural disasters and conflict. Protracted conflict continues to cause large scale displacements in many parts of South Central Somalia and the security situation has been deteriorating.

Women and children are the most vulnerable to violence, exploitation,abuse, and neglect. 

Families and communities are frequently torn apart as a result of forced displacement. This may occur during flight or when seeking shelter and assistance in large or crowded camps, settlements and urban areas. Internally displaced persons are often forced to flee on short notice and family members, in particular young children, older relatives or persons with disabilities, may be left behind or become separated on the way.

  SAF-UK delivers child protection services, such as counseling, promoting children’s development and wellbeing, as well as building the capacity of communities to prevent and respond to incidents of abuse at community level. Our programmes also focus on building the resilience of children and developing their capacities to deal with the potential risks and hazards they face


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