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Like any other IDP camp across the world, living conditions of Dalxiska are desperate and tough. Lack of adequate nutritious food coupled with unsanitary sources of drinking water from the wells in the camps daily put the lives of children living there in danger.

“Each year, several million children either die or suffer irreparable developmental defects because of malnutrition. Countless others are harmed by malnutrition,starvation and cholera. Yet many of these deaths would be preventable if we address the underlying causes head on and use the tools that exists to stop them’’

– Osman Abdirahman- OTP nurse

Eglan Abdullahi, a single mother of 2 year old Sadaq Adan, lives in a makeshift house in the middle of Dalxiska IDP camp in Kismayo,Somalia.
Due to lack of adequate nutrition, baby Sadaq was suffering.With her condition deteriorating by the day,Eglan was getting desperate as she watched her baby wasting away.

In mid April 2019,Community health worker, Farah Siraat was doing house to house screening and community mobilization in the area where Eglan resides. She found a very weak Sadaq, who was severely malnourished.

She immediately referred her to the SAF-UK Iskufilan OTP site.She was admitted on 23/4/2019 based on anthropometric measurement which was Weight (5.9kg), Height (66.5cm), MUAC (10.9 cm), and Z- score (<- 3), which indicated the child was severely malnourished.

Sadaq before she received treatment at SAF-UK Iskufilan OTP center
During her stay in the program, she received Ready to Use Therapeutic Food which fast tracked her recovery.Our team ensured consistent follow ups to educate the mother on the importance of RUTF and also to encourage on proper care practices.
The child was discharged after two months from the program with MUAC(11.8 cm), Weight (7.2kg), Height (66.5cm) and Z-score (<-2).

After she was discharged from the OTP, she was referred to the nearest Himilo TSFP site immediately.

The happiness from the mother was priceless when she was told that her child had fully recovered.

Sadaq after she received treatment at SAF-UK Iskufilan OTP center

‘ I’m forever grateful for the existence of such services to help our children. I was almost giving up now I can’t believe that my baby child would recover this soon,’

Indeed a smile from the mothers we serve is what we tirelessly work for!

The good people of Somalia with the help of donors have been fighting constantly against malnutrition for the past decade. From the onset of the project, funding and support for implementation has been provided to the affected communities and NGOs by UNICEF. It is every mother’s dream is to see their children grow healthy in the milestones they go through.

Dalxiska IDP camp is located 2 KM away from SAF-UK Iskulifan OTP & Health centre which is supported by UNICEF. Services provided in this OTP site are also integrated with IYCF counseling sessions and NHHP sessions whereby many mothers from Dalxiska IDPs benefit from .