Skills Active Forward

Education & Youth Empowerment

SAFUK is determined to empower women in every target population through the proactive selection of women as project staff, Community Development Committees (CDCs) members and Community Workers (CWs). The participation of women in the community development will help to promote gender issues as community priorities. The presence of female CWs will also aid the dissemination of information to women in the community and will enable access to informal women’s groups within the community, which can then be targeted in education activities.

Our commitment to providing equal opportunity for employment and skill acquisition by women living in vulnerable communities is guided by the the belief that women are the cornerstone of such communities.

Furthermore, women are a key factor in encouraging literacy among affected children. By empowering women and arming them with skills and information, the community benefits. Women are more likely to take their children to school and support their education when encouraged by other women.